How to Decorate for a Coastal Halloween

Posted by Tori Radday on Oct 17th 2017

Hello! Halloween is just two weeks away- are you ready? Of course you could decorate your home for Halloween in traditional style with spooky items and classic purple and orange Halloween hues or you could switch it up and decorate for a pretty, coastal Halloween. Keep reading for a few tips and tricks on how to decorate for a coastal Halloween:

How to Decorate for a Coastal Halloween

1. Incorporate natural elements of the seashore into your Halloween decor. For example, try filling our pumpkin candy holder with shells to make more of a coastal statement.

2. Select festive pieces of Halloween decor in shades of white, silver and gold. Purple, black and orange are typically thought of as Halloween colors but when decorating for a coastal Halloween, it's wise to stray away from these colors for more neutral, relaxing coastal hues.

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3. Paint your pumpkins to complement your coastal Halloween decor. To achieve a more coastal look, paint your pumpkins in pretty coastal shades of white or blue.

4. Carve (or paint!) coastal designs into your front porch pumpkins.

How to Decorate for a Coastal Halloween

5. Create a unique Halloween display by using both Halloween decor as well as coastal decor. Combine the two to create an interesting statement. For example, you could take witch hands, hang them over fishing net and adorn with several other beachy accents to create a really unique display.

6. Enhance the coastal mood of your Halloween decor with pieces of decor in shades of blue. Our Halloween Cemetery Table Runner is perfect for setting a coastal Halloween dinner table.

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