How to Get the Farmhouse Chic Look in your Own Home

Posted by Tori Radday on Mar 8th 2018

Hello! Farmhouse chic designs took the home decor industry by storm last year and the rustic trend continues to stand strong. Muted colors, distressed designs and simple styles predominantly make up the trend, creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere in any space. The style was popular many decades ago and we're happy that it's returned again. The increasing popularity of the trend marks a desire for the return of easier, happy times of decades past. It encourages the idea of slowing down and appreciating the small things. Want to bring that carefree, happy atmosphere into your own home? Keep reading for nine tips on how to capture the farmhouse chic look:

How to Get the Farmhouse Chic Look in your Own Home

1. Say "yes" to decor with a distressed finish. Aged finishes and styles give modern decor that highly sought after vintage look. We recommend our Fresh Cupcakes Five Cents Metal Sign.

2. Go for simple, classic designs. There's something soothing about simplicity in design, which reinforces the popularity of the farmhouse chic decor trend. We suggest our Set of 3 Stacked Galvanized Tin Trays With Gold Beaded Trim.

3. Select neutral colors. Think about shades of white, cream, gray, tan and brown. Check out our White Fleur De Lis Kitchen Sponge Holder

How to Get the Farmhouse Chic Look in your Own Home

4. Choose wooden pieces of decor. Wood textures play a key role in the farmhouse chic decor trend. When you think of a beautiful vintage farmhouse, it's almost impossible not to also picture the wooden structure of the building or barn as well as the wooden details in the interior of the house. Incorporate this tip into the style of your home with our Bistro White Ceramic Salt and Pepper Set with Wood and Metal Caddy.

5. Avoid busy prints, loud colors and maximalist design details. Sometimes simplicity is better! Ditching busy styles will allow you to eliminate stress in the space. We suggest our White Enameled Office Sign Metal.

6. Give it your own personal touch. We love the farmhouse chic decor trend but even we have to admit that it can easily feel "blah" without personal touches. Throw in just a touch of your favorite color or show off your personality with a more interesting decorative figurine to avoid that. For example, if you enjoy spending time cooking in the kitchen, we recommend our Red Grater Shaped Recipe Holder with Clip

How to Get the Farmhouse Chic Look in your Own Home

7. Incorporate galvanized metal textures. Different textures- especially more rustic textures- play a key role in the farmhouse chic decor trend. Skip modern textures and select textures that remind you of your great grandmother's home. While farmhouse chic decor may currently be trending, it's certainly far from modern so it's important to incorporate vintage-inspired elements such as classic metal and wooden textures when chasing after the style. Check out our Galvanized Farmhouse Kitchen Paper Towel Holder with Wood Handle.

8. Select several statement pieces. Don't let your home feel boring! Among a sea of neutral colors and simple styles, it's easy for farmhouse chic decor to feel boring; decorate with several statement pieces in your home to keep that from happening. We also love how a rustic gallery wall can elevate the farmhouse chic style of a room, or home. Our Red Iron Laundry Room Loads of Fun Wall Hook works perfectly for making a farmhouse chic statement.

9. Mix and match for a true farmhouse chic look. Shop our Eat Letters White Enameled Metal Sign Plaque.