How to Get the Farmhouse Chic Look in your Own Home

Posted by Tori Radday on Mar 8th 2018

Hello! Farmhouse chic designs took the home decor industry by storm last year and the rustic trend continues to stand strong. Muted colors, distressed designs and simple styles predominantly make up the trend, creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere in any space. The style was popular many decades ago and we're happy that it's returned again. The increasing popularity of the trend marks a desire for the return of easier, happy times of decades past. It encourages the idea of slowing down and appreci … read more

How to Decorate for St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Tori Radday on Mar 1st 2018

Hello! March marks the beginning of our countdown to St. Patrick's Day. Is anyone else looking forward to celebrating the holiday on March 17th? We certainly are! And we're also excited to start decorating our homes for the holiday. We carry a wide variety of holiday decor here at Mary B Decorative Art and that includes festive decor for St. Patrick's Day. We've rounded up our best St. Patty's Day decorating tips as well as our favorite St. Patrick's Day products, keep reading to check them o … read more

11 Ways to Create a Happier Atmosphere in your Kitchen

Posted by Tori Radday on Feb 20th 2018

Hello! It's that time of year again: when the winter "blahs" start to take over. It's cold and dark outside, not much is going on and spring seems light years away. So what's one to do? We think that a great way to fight the winter blues is with color. It's been proven that color can influence your mood and we think it's important to harness the power of color when decorating. Dark, neutral shades of black, brown, navy and gray can all contribute to that super dreary, sad winter mood. So it's ti … read more

12 of our Favorite New Arrivals

Posted by Tori Radday on Feb 13th 2018

Hello! A new year means a lot of new product arrivals and so far, prepping for our new 2018 arrivals has kept us pretty busy in the Mary B Decorative Art office. We re-ordered customer favorites as well as new products that we're sure that you all will love. Expect a lot of coastal treasures, new farmhouse chic pieces and other trendy items for 2018. And of course, plenty of new pink flamingo arrivals. Our new products have finally started streaming in and we wanted to share a few of our favorit … read more

Your Christmas 2017 Decorating Guide

Posted by Tori Radday on Dec 4th 2017

Hello! We've been dreaming about decorating our homes for Christmas for a couple of weeks now and we're excited to finally begin to bring down our favorite pieces of holiday decor from our attics. We've compiled a comprehensive guide of everything that will perfect your Christmas decor to make the holiday season a bit easier for you, keep reading to check it out: Christmas Tree Skirts. If you plan on getting a Christmas tree this holiday season, a tree skirt is an absolute must-have. It'll help … read more