Your Halloween Decorating Guide

Posted by Tori Radday on Sep 22nd 2017

Hello! With September coming to an end, our count down until Halloween begins. And boy are we excited to decorate our homes with spooky Halloween decor! We've started bringing our favorite pieces of festive decor down from our attics but it's always fun to update previous years' decor with a few new items. We sell a wide variety of festive Halloween decor here at Mary B Decorative Art that we're sure that you'll love. Keep reading to browse through 12 of our favorite pieces of Halloween decor:1. … read more

How to Decorate your Yard for Fall

Posted by Tori Radday on Sep 12th 2017

Hello! Autumn is one of the prettiest seasons with falling leaves that paint our yards in charming shades of orange, red, yellow and brown. There's no need to go overboard with decorating the outside of your home for fall; think about it as though you're working with nature to decorate your yard. Nature brings beauty to your yard in the form of pretty falling leaves so go ahead and select pieces of decor that will enhance that beauty instead of distract from it. Select pieces of decor in slightl … read more

9 of the Prettiest Autumnal Dish Towels

Posted by Tori Radday on Sep 7th 2017

Hello! Fall is practically upon us and that means it's time to start refreshing your home decor for the new season. Start transitioning your seasonal decor slowly; put away your summer pieces and begin decorating with more fall-appropriate pieces. One of our favorite decor updates to make in the home for a new season is swapping out kitchen linens/dish towels. This easy, affordable update is the perfect way to ease into decorating for any new season. You'll be impressed by how such a small updat … read more

Fall 2017 Decor Trend: Textural Intrigue

Posted by Tori Radday on Aug 29th 2017

Hello! There has been a recent increase in the use of a variety of textures in interior design to create visually refreshing, cozier aesthetics in the home for the fall season. There's less of an emphasis on color as shape and texture take its place. No one particular texture leads this trend; instead texture as a whole becomes the focus. Cork, terracotta, woven textures, wood, galvanized metal, embossed textures, etc. all work well for bringing this trend into your home. The key is selecting se … read more

12 Easy Tips to Start Decorating your Home for Fall

Posted by Tori Radday on Aug 22nd 2017

Hello! Can you all believe that summer is finally beginning to come to an end? With the kids going back to school, there's no denying the upcoming fall season. But we're not too upset about summer coming to an end; in fact, we're rather excited to start updating our homes with autumnal decor accents. Today, we've rounded up a list of 12 easy tips to begin decorating your home for fall; keep reading to check them out: 1. Begin storing away your summer-themed decor. It's time for a change! 2. Set … read more