Revitalize Your Kitchen with These 10 Tips

Posted by Tori Radday on Feb 8th 2017

Hello! As life flies by, it's often easy to let your home decor remain unchanged. That's totally okay (and understandable- because trust me, I'm definitely guilty of it) but it can be fun to switch things up every once in a while; if left alone for too long, decor can start to feel stale and outdated. Now I'm not talking about buying all new everything because let's be real, that's not only expensive but also overwhelming to even think about. No, I'm talking about making small swaps and chang … read more

Energize Your Work Space with these 8 Stylish Ideas

Posted by Tori Radday on Jan 31st 2017

Hello! 2017 may be rolling right along in full gear but are our New Year's resolutions still in full gear? After the first month of a new year, it may seem much harder to follow through with those ambitious goals that we set at the beginning of the month. One great way to get back on track with your 2017 goals is organizing and energizing your work space; you'll feel freshly motivated to chase after those resolutions you were so passionate about on January 1st. Today, we've compiled a list of … read more

Love at First Sight: 7 Pieces of Valentine's Day Decor We Can't Get Enough Of

Posted by Tori Radday on Jan 24th 2017

Hello! Who else is excited for Valentine's Day? Over here at Mary B Decorative Art, we can't wait. We've decorated our homes with lovey-dovey shades of red and pink, purchased sweet gifts for our significant others and started working on our Valentine's Day cards. One of our favorite things about Valentine's Day is decorating our homes with festive decor. Cutesy hearts? Rich shades of red? Sweet sentiments? Count us in! Today, we've rounded up several of our favorite pieces of Valentine's Day de … read more

The 2017 Decor Trend that has our Hearts Fluttering: The Butterfly Motif

Posted by Tori Radday on Jan 18th 2017

Hello! A new year brings a flurry of new trends with it and we can't get enough of the home decor trend predictions for 2017. We're excited to leave past trends in 2016 so that we can really refresh and revitalize our homes this year with all of the latest and greatest decor trends. The most recent home decor trend that caught our eye is the butterfly motif trend. Why do we love the trend? It's easy to incorporate into any home, it can easily lighten/lift the mood or atmosphere of any room an … read more

Trending Right Now: Farmhouse Style

Posted by Tori Radday on Jan 10th 2017

Hello! When Pinterest listed "farmhouse style" as an emerging decor trend for 2017, we practically jumped with joy. Who could say "no" to the charming rustic appeal and unique beauty of the farmhouse style trend? There's just something about the trend that feels so right for 2017. Read on for ten of our favorite pieces of decor that embody this farmhouse style trend:1. Rooster Metal Wall Hook Antiqued White Distressed Rustic, $14.88. No piece of decor embodies the farmhouse style trend more perf … read more